100% Write ESP Implementation Guide


Estimate Files Stored Locally

  1. Verify & Note below the location of your Estimate Management Standard (EMS) files Location:

  2. Navigate to: www.oecollisionparts.com

  3. Select the ESP tab (NOTE: Do NOT login to the site)

  4. Read the Notice of Confidentiality

  5. Select Install Now

6. If prompted, select Yes when asked to install Adobe AIR

  1. Adobe AIR will install locally on your computer.

  2. If you are NOT prompted to install Adobe AIR, navigate to http://get.adobe.com/AIR and select Download Now to initiate the installation – Follow the prompts to install. When complete, return to www.OECollisionParts.com to continue the 100% Write ESP installation.

9. When Prompted, select Install to confirm the installation

  1. The next window will confirm the installation details of 100% Write ESP. For convenience, you can have a shortcut added to your desktop to make the program easily accessible.

  2. Verify the Installation Location of the program, you can select Browse to change the location as appropriate – Select Continue

  3. Review the Adobe AIR disclosure and select I Agree to continue the installation process

  4. The program will install on your computer – you may need an administrator to login to confirm the installation

  5. Once installation is complete, Login to the program using the username and password used to access the 100% Write online program. (NOTE: You can save your username and password if you prefer.)

  6. Next you will select the location to scan for your shop’s EMS files. If the information is noted above, select Manual Selection

16. Click to the button to the right and add the file path – once found, select OK

17. If you are unsure of your EMS files location(s), select Automatic Scan. (NOTE: Choose the C:\ drive only if you think there may be files located there as it may dramatically increase scan time if selected.)

18. Select Next

  1. The 100% Write ESP program will scan the selected folders/drives (NOTE: This may take SEVERAL minutes)

  2. Once the scan is complete, it will upload your EMS files to the OECollisionParts site for processing

  3. A window will appear to confirm the upload has been successful

  4. If you select Proceed to Order Submission you will be brought to the OECollisionParts site to review your files – Select the Admin tab


  1. Navigate to the Admin tab

  2. Select the Arrow to expand your dealer list

3. For each dealer enter your Discount and select Save

  1. Add your Aftermarket vendors and their Discount and select Save – 100% Write ESP will automatically assist in calculating profit opportunities by comparing your Dealer price with your Aftermarket Vendor price

  2. To add Additional Users, Navigate to the My Shop Configuration tab

a. Select Add New Account

6. Enter the information as requested in the Dialog box and select Add Account


  1. From the ESP tab, select 100% Write Transactions to Process

  2. Double Click the Detail Icon

to view the information for that estimate

Select Your Dealer
If you ordered from more than one dealer, select Split Order and you will be able to update your order accordingly
Verify the Parts included in the estimate
Enter Notes as appropriate
  1. NOTE: If you need to split your transaction, select Split Order and you can Select a Dealer for each part on the order

  2. Select SUBMIT to send your transaction to your dealer for proof of purchase approval


100% Write ESP separates transactions with aftermarket parts included on the estimate. If you have an estimate that contains aftermarket NON-COLLISION parts, you may still submit it as part of the 100% Write Rebate Reward program

  1. Navigate to the Other Transactions to Process tab

    1. Select the Detail Icon

    2. to open the estimate
  2. As with 100% Write transactions, Select A Dealer (or split Dealers as appropriate), enter applicable Notes and select Submit to submit the transaction.

  3. A window will open prompting you to Place a Checkmark next to each part to signify it is a NON-COLLISION repair part. NOTE: You will only have to select a part as a non-Collision Repair part once – 100% Write ESP stores all of your selections to make future submissions with the same parts qualify for the 100% Write Reward program.

  4. Select Confirm to submit this transaction to your dealer.


  1. After you have submitted an order via 100% Write ESP, it appears on the 100% Write Confirmations tab

  2. Once an order is processed and work is complete you can select the Print Icon to print a certificate for your customer – you can print one with or without a coupon

  3. 100% Write ESP will automatically scan for your EMS files going forward – make it a part of your business process to regularly login to OECollisionParts.com to grow your business through 100% Write ESP!